The Stakable Watch Winder

Extend The Life Of Your Watch!

Give each of your watches the home that they deserve. Keeping each of your watches precise and protected.

Product Features:

  • Connectable & Stakable: Give each of your watches a home. Stack and connect up to 6 watch winders. Use just one power source to power up to 6 inter-connected stakable watch winders.
  • Modes: The watch winder has 2 modes. Mode B is suitable for short-term use, whilst mode L is suitable for long-term use. This gives your watch the best treatment to ensure longevity.
  • Extremely Quiet: An extremely silent motor promises continuous rotation with extreme silence. Keeping annoying noise away from you.
  • Easy Use: Place the watch in the winder. Plug into a single power source. Turn on the switch to the desired mode.

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Perfect – Quiet, efficient: My company gave me an actual ROLEX watch, and I was surprised how quickly it would “die” if you don’t wear it enough. It’s self-winding, but that requires it actually be in motion, and since I don’t wear it a lot, it would often be dead when I put it on, and I would have to set the time, AND stem-wind it. This solution is very quiet, it gently rotates the watch periodically, and it’s ALWAYS ready to go when I take it out of the case. No more manual winding and setting the time./span>
Iside Casaletto

Deal Of The Day 2 Stakable Watch Winders For £65

Give each of your watches the home they deserve.

It’s Beautiful & Efficient: I have two kinetic watches. This didn’t seem to work on my SEIKO ARTURA Kinetic but after reading the instructions, the watch should be fully wound before using. Works great. My other watch – a cheapo from wish – worked from a dead stop. The thing that surprised me the most was how sleek it looks.
Sussann Masson
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