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6. Although this depends on the power adapter used. Using a standard mobile phone adapter, up to 6 can be connected together. Expect less to be powered through a computer USB port.

No. You can use a mobile phone adapter or you can plug it into the USB port of your computer.

Yes. This is the safest and best way to power your stakable watch winders.

Obviously not. 

Mode B: Forward rotation for 2 minutes, stop for 6 minutes, reverse for 2 minutes, stop for 6 minutes, and repeat the cycle.

Mode L: rotate forward for 5 minutes, then reverse for 5 minutes, continue to circulate for 3 hours, stop for 9 hours, and then repeat the cycle.

Mode B is suitable for short-term use, Mode L is suitable for long-term use.

  • Watch Winder
  • Soft Pillow
  • USB Power Cable
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • DC to DC Connecting Line

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